Did you know #1

What is a CARER?

We all care about things – even BREXIT, but what is the Community definition?

Do you ever:-

  • Help someone dress or undress, help them into or out of the shower or bath?
  • Prepare food when they are unable to?
  • Help with medicine doses and compliance?
  • Act as eyes or ears for someone with poor hearing or eyesight?
  • Do shopping or other errands for someone who can’t get out themselves?

If you do some or all of these things on a frequent basis and are unpaid, then you are a Carer. Many people just don’t realise they are Carers.

This Practice would like to know if you are a Carer. There are services and support available to you and by telling us about your caring role we can give you some advice and guidance. If you are a patient here, why not mention it to your GP when you see them or simply tell the receptionist so that your care role can be noted? If you know of others who may be carers please give them this leaflet so they can benefit too.

It’s all about caring for the Carers!


This leaflet is an initiative of your Patient participation Group for your information. If you would like to join the group please contact Andrew Morris on 07506 736056 to get involved.