Did You Know – Issue 6: Coughs and Sneezes

What’s the best way to control the spread of coughs and sneezes?

We are well into the flu season. With a small risk of Coronavirus, there are many people suffering symptoms of flu and colds.

If you are suffering from flu symptoms, you can help keep others safe by following some simple steps:

Do use fresh tissues to cover your nose and mouth for coughs and sneezes and do wash your hands regularly.

If you are caught without tissues or handkerchief, ‘good manners’ means we use our hands to cover our mouth and nose – sadly this is the worst thing we can do. It is important to contain germ spread and the best way is to bring your forearm up to your nose and mouth and sneeze/cough into the elbow joint area.

Hands are so widely used for handles, steering wheels and handshakes, that they are definitely the worst option.

In summary:

  • Use tissues when you can, or a handkerchief
  • Use forearm instead of hands if you have nothing better
  • Wash hands regularly

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