Did You Know – Issue 5: Flu Jab

All about this years ‘flu jab and why you might need it

If you are 65 or over (born before 01/04/55), pregnant, a child aged 2 or 3 on 31/08/19, a primary school child, a carer, a front line health worker, an asthmatic under treatment, have COPD, emphysema or bronchitis, chronic heart, kidney or liver disease, Parkinson’s, motor neurone disease, MS, learning difficulty or cerebral palsy, spleen problems or no spleen, diabetes, a weakened immune system or a BMI over 40 it’s free. Check with the surgery if in doubt. Make your appointment soon for October when the jabs will be available.

Some people can’t have the jab for health reasons so if you make regular contact with anyone like this, although YOU may not be eligible as a carer etc, you might have the jab to protect them from the risk of catching ‘flu from you. Ask at your local chemist for the cost. It could be a small price to protect someone else.

If you are eligible for the free jab, please try to get it from your surgery rather than the chemist, as thousands of jabs have already been pre-ordered for the flu campaign. The funds the practice earns for jabs are used to support other services the practice provides, which benefits us all. For more details on the ‘flu jab visit www.nhs.uk.

This leaflet is an initiative of your Patient Participation Group and SCGP for information. To join our group please phone or text Andrew on 07506-736056 or email xaviersaintcloud@gmail.com.