Did You Know – Issue 2: Bowel Screening

Bowel Cancer screening – don’t miss your test!

It affects both men and women and 1 in 20 people will get it during their lifetime.

There are two tests available depending on your age as follows:-

The Home Screening test: If you are over 60 you will automatically get a kit sent to you every 2 years by the NHS until you’re 75. After this age you can ask for one every 2 years by phoning 0800 7076060. Use the kit promptly; early diagnosis is important for successful treatment. These kits provide an initial indication and if the results are “all clear” this is a good result, but if you have any symptoms which concern you, see your GP who may ask for further tests.  Phone the above number if you need further advice or guidance on any points.

Scope Screening test:- If you are approaching 55, the good news is, a new one off test is available in our area. You will be sent an invitation to attend a scope test at Good Hope. The letter will suggest an appointment time. If it’s not convenient just phone the above number to rearrange. This test involves a tiny camera tube up your bottom! May be slightly uncomfortable, but If small “polyps” are found they may be removed there and then. Polyps can turn into cancer so it’s well worth having this test and procedure. Note: if you are between 55 and 60 and have not had this test, you can opt for it by ringing the above number.


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